About the Brand

Kala Pata is a lifestyle brand specializing in unique and beautiful handcrafted stationery and objects. The brand’s signature prints strives to encapsulate and elicit memories of holidays in exotic locations, where a mere excursion into maze-like open bazaars has the potential to unlock a world of wondrous treasures and memento. Kala Pata as a brand identifies with our wanderlust zeal for adventures into the far and unknown. Kala Pata represents a magical world, where history and heritage blends into a kaleidoscopic mural of colors and designs, thereby, transforming ordinary everyday objects into extraordinary keepsakes. 

About the Designer

Amreen is a graphic designer who brings to life through her intricate and exotic designs her deep love of exploring the world with her fascination in history, heritage, and world cultures. Kala Pata represents Amreen’s visual interpretation of her myriad experiences living in Dhaka, Bangkok, New York, London, and now in Singapore. Amreen designs for a global audience who relishes discovering beautifully hand-crafted distinctive products which beckons their own wanderlust. Kala Pata translates to ‘banana leaf’ in Bangla, which is a nod to Amreen's Bengali heritage.